Beef is a Continental cross (Limousin) and comes from West Rack Wood Farm in Hamsterley in County Durham. Although rare breed beef is superb, we value solid farming techniques and find this product is just as good in quality when treated correctly but also is more reasonably priced.

Pork is from Bradley's Farm, County Durham and is a Duroc cross.

Lamb is from Beveridge's Farm, County Durham and is Texel - we try to ensure we get the smallest animal - as in our experience they are more tender.

Everything is slaughtered in Thompson's abattoir - Witton-le-Weir. 
We really value our relationship with Thompson's to ensure that you get top quality local produce and with the assured guarantee of Mark Thompson's beady eye for the best beast going. One of the reasons we use farms near the abattoir is because the animals are far less stressed when they arrive at Thompson's.

Poultry is from Heathcote Farm in Cumbria. With comments such as 'those are the largest chickens I have ever seen.' These are certainly meaty poultry. Customers often comment that this is what 'chicken used to taste like'. Traditionally out-door reared chickens are brought to us fresh and are large juicy birds full of flavour.